October 9, 2010

Episode 19: Educational Travel with NC State's Kathy Hart

 Today on the podcast I am joined by my colleague from the NC State Alumni Association, Kathy Hart.  Kathy is the Director of Wolf Treks, their educational travel program.  We discuss best practices, tips and ideas for alumni professionals that are responsible for educational travel.

Throughout our discussion Kathy refrenced the Educational Travel Conference, learn more about this at

Wolf Treks Educational Travel Program
The Alumni Association's WolfTreks Travel Program offers you a world of education and adventure with each destination. From Bangkok to Berlin and Singapore to St. Petersburg, WolfTreks provides a variety of destinations at a range of prices and via various modes of transportation. WolfTreks take the stress out of traveling because all of the planning is done for you. But the best part comes in the new friends you make as you travel the world in a Pack.

Learn more about Wolf Treks by clicking here or drop Kathy an email to ask about her program at
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Anonymous said...

Good job, Paul and Kathy - thank you for the podcast. ETC is a great conference from alumni travel pros. Those with a focus on the educational aspect may also benefit from the Minary Conference, which I blogged about this weekend: