January 13, 2010

Episode 7: Realities of Regional Alumni Programming

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Show Notes:

In this episode I discuss the 5 realities that Alumni Professionals face as they attempt to deliver programs to alumni regionally.
  • Reality #1: People need and want face to face events and networking opportunity
  • Reality #2: Generational Trends
  • Reality #3: Access to Information
  • Reality #4: Accountability
  • Reality #5: Creativity beyond CASE

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1 comment:

Shane L. said...

Really late to this episode, Paul, but I thought you made some excellent points. Although it's very true the face-to-face meeting will never be replaced, we need to constantly be creative in finding ways to draw our graduates together.
In my own chapter of St. Bonaventure alumni, we are trying to mix it up with a variety of programing -- basketball games come standard, but we've also had a successful evening retreat with a popular campus Franciscan brother and this Saturday will be doing a community service project. All these cater to our fervent love of basketball and Franciscan tradition and could be applied to any institution.
At Oswego State where I work, my colleague has really thought out of the box with our GOLD programming. The events have drawn big crowds of young alums: